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Project timeline

1964 – 1965


Private House

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183 Devon Road
07021 Essex Fells

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Jerome and Carolyn Meier House Change this

Essex Fells, USA
by Richard Meier Change this
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Meier's clients were "the most rewarding and the most challenging for a young architect: one's own parents." Bottom two photos by Bill Maris/ESTO. Won a 1964 Architectural Record Award. Won a 1965 AIANY Merit award. Won a 1965 National AIA Award of Merit. Sold in 1980 to Daniel M. and Judith Spritzer. Architect Thomas Juul-Hansen did a renovation.

Meier described it as "A Miesian brick house under a Frank Lloyd Wright roof." Meier was also quoted as saying: "My mother always said everything was perfect except for one thing—there weren't enough closets."



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