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Renovation, Public Space, Urban Park

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2013 – 2013


Park & Garden

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South Korea

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HongTi Dunbeong Change this

Busan, South Korea
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Hongti Dunbeong (Puddle) is a City Park Art Project located within the Hongti Cultural Park at Saha-gu, City of Busan. The Hongti Cultural Park is located within the Jangrim Industrial Complex which is a major part of Sa-sang Industrial Complex and Sa-ha Industrial Complex. The Hongti Cultural park, located within the industrial complex is adjacent to the Estuary of Nakdong River, Hongti Port, and Amisan Mountain is located beyond. The area is an industrial area, but this location is 1.8km away from the beach and 1km away from the observatory. Recently, large apartment complexes were built and an increased number of people who wants to enjoy nature and culture were shown.

Hongti Art Center

Dadaepo, which is an Art Factory for Busan’s Creative Art Space, is nearby the site and brings cultural vitality to this region. The Hongti Art Center, an Artist Residency located close to the Dadae Cultural Park was built in the past year of 2013. Within the context of these places, the Hongti Cultural Park should become a platform, containing variety of future Cultural and Artistic Activities created by the Hongti Art Center and embracing local resident's activities rather than representing itself as an Art Exhibition Park. The platform not only embodies the resident's activities but also embraces the memories of the space.

The River

Prior to building the Industrial Complex, the site was Nakdong River's estuary covered with lush reeds and a River Terrace created due to the river's water fluctuation. A footpath (Dureong-gil) is formed at the boundaries between the agricultural land and the Dunbeong. The footpath attempted to restore the memory of the place by the reminiscent of River Terrace and also connects the Hongti Cultural Park, Hongti Port, Hongti Cultural Center and the Industrial Complex. The Dunbeong arose at the boundary of the footpath (Dureong-gil). A Dunbeong (Puddle) was a former regional water storage facility within the Infrastructure of the Agricultural Society. The site stored water for farming but was also a place for the villagers to relax, gather up while also formed and maintained the community spirit within the village as well.

The Dunbeong within the 'Hongti Dungeong' Public Art Projects can be filled with Artistic activities provided by the Hongti Cultural Center and the Local residents. Over time, the Footpath (Dureong-gil) will become a frame capturing the surrounding landscapes. Also, by extending the Hongti Art Center's Residency Program into the Dunbeong, various artist's may exhibit their work and hold an exhibition.

The Hongti Dunbeong was built with a concept as a Dunbeong, as a landform bowl starting from recollecting the memories of the place, providing water to the farmland and providing a local community spirit. A good content added within this bowl is the art for the land and people. And by drawing a picture connecting the land and humans is what the Hongti Dunbeong's Public Art Project imagines.



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