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Club; Party; Celebration; Bar; Going Out

Project timeline

? – 2002


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1010 Vienna

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Club Passage

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Babenberger Passage Change this

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The bold idea to revive a former pedestrian underpass which was lined by abandoned shops and once connected Babenberger Straße and Burggarten was rewarded by a venturesome client who was seeking an extraordinary place for a new club. From street level, only four descending glass staircases are visible. Three of them were recycled into lighting sculptures featuring large opaque light cylinders.

One still leads downwards to the club, where three bars engulf a central dancefloor and zone the club. Along the perimeter, groupings of easy chairs segue into calmer lounge areas. The prismatic pattern of the reinforced concrete ceiling - a relict from pedestrian underpass days - contains the lighting and provides the club with a unique appearance.


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