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Yugoslavian Modernism

Birth date / place

April 8th 1917, Drenova, Croatia

Selected Architecture

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Zagreb, Croatia

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  • 1959 - City of Zagreb Award
  • 1964 - Golden Medal at the 13th Triennial in Milan
  • 1971 - 11th São Paulo Biennale Award for Sculpture
  • 1981 - Herder Prize
  • 1988 - Viktor Kovačić Award for life achivement
  • 1993 - Vladimir Nazor Award for life achivement

Vjenceslav Richter Change this

Change thisZagreb, Croatia
born 1917, Drenova

Aleksandar Petrović, Josip Vaništa, Vjenceslav Richter a ...

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Vjenceslav Richter (8 April 1917 – 2 December 2002) was a Croatian architect. He was also known for his work in the fields of urbanism, sculpture, graphic arts, painting and stage design. Richter graduated at the Department of Architecture of the Technical Faculty of the University of Zagreb under professor Zdenko Strižić in 1949.

He was one of the founding members of the Exat 51 group between 1950 and 1956 with architects Bernardo Bernardi, Zdravko Bregovac, Božidar Rašica and Vladimir Zaharović, and the painters Vlado Kristl, Ivan Picelj and Aleksandar Srnec. He was a member of the New Tendencies movement (1961). Richter headed the Architecture Department at the Academy of Applied Arts in Zagreb (1950-1954). In all his activities, from designing the exhibition spaces Pavilion for the World Exhibition in Brussels 1958 and Triennale of Milan in 1964, to painting, Richter carried out the principle of artistic synthesis. Beginning in the early 1960s he developed a systematic approach to urban planning (sinturbanizam) and sculpture (system sculpture), from the 1970s in print works, and from the 1980s in system painting. Richter also created acknowledged stage set designs for major opera and theater performances.

He exhibited at many shows in Croatia and abroad, including: the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, (1964), Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, (1968), Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, (1968), Staempfly Gallery, New York, (1968), Galerie Semiha Huber, Zurich, (1969), at the Venice Biennale (1972), Gallery 58, Rapperswill, (1972), Galleria del Naviglio, Milan, (1973), Galleria all Centro, Napoli, (1973), Galleria Visconti, Milan, (1976) and Galleria La Loggia, Udine, (1977).

The Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Kareš-Richter Collection is housed in a villa in Vrhovec, Zagreb, and administrated by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.


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