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1972, Mexico City, Mexico

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Tatiana Bilbao S.C.
Paseo de la Reforma 382-301
CP 06600 Mexico City, Mexico

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Ai Weiwei

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"Any design is the result of the context..."
Tatiana Bilbao

Tatiana Bilbao Change this

Change thisMexico City, Mexico
born 1972, Mexico City

(L-R) The principals of Tatiana Bilbao S. C: Catia ­Bilb ...

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Tatiana Bilbao is a Mexican-born architect. She has worked on large scale master plans and private residences alike. In 2004 Bilbao founded her own architectural practice, Tatiana Bilbao SC, which operates from Mexico City.

Early Career

Bilbao studied at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Architecture and Urbanism, graduating in 1996 and won best thesis of the year in 1998. Following graduation Bilbao worked as an adviser to the Federal District on urban planning and housing developments. In 1999 Bilbao set up a studio called LCM (Laboratorio de la Ciudad de México) with Fernando Romero who had previously worked at OMA. Together they designed predominantly high-end, one-off houses however in 2004 Bilbao set up Tatiana Bilbao SC, as an urban think-tank, taking a selection of clients from LCM with her.

Key Projects and Collaborations

An integral connection that Bilbao made in 2003 was with Mexican artist, Gabriel Orozco. Orozco never forgot his initial meeting with Bilbao and five years later approached her to design his house which was to be the keystone project for Bilbao, the Observatory House. Although the concept of Observatory House came largely from Orozco, the artist left an impact on the way Bilbao continued to work in the future, that being the insistence to use only local contractors and craftsmen.

Another key collaborator who Bilbao has worked with is the Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei. Weiwei commissioned Bilbao, along with 15 other architects, to design a project for the Jinhua Architecture Park in China, she designed the Exhibition Pavilion (Jinhua Architecture Park Exhibition Pavilion).

Later when Bilbao was appointed to masterplan the religious pilgrimage, Ruta del Peregrino, the two once again collaborated.


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