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1961, Hof, Germany

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Stefan Eberstadt Change this

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born 1961, Hof
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Stefan Eberstadt is an artist based in Munich where he teaches sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has had residencies in Edinburgh, London and New York. Eberstadt seeks to explore territories where sculpture can function outside the art space by involving certain social necessities and architectural issues such as flexibility and mobility.

The artist employs the methods and materials of a shop-fitter to create works that sit somewhere between sculpture, furniture and architecture. Eberstadt plunders hardware stores for cheap, anonymous materials like chipboard and plywood, which are so anonymous that often the awkward spaces formed by his seemingly functional structures, becomes the focus of attention.

Eberstadt's extraordinary sculpture, Rucksack House, is a dwelling space that can be strapped onto an existing apartment building to provide extra accommodation.



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