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January 14th 1885, Solingen, Germany

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Rudolf Klophaus
Hamburg, Germany

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Change thisHamburg, Germany
born 1885, Solingen
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Klophaus was a german architect and since 1920 he mainly worked in Hamburg. He created numerous cityscape residential and commercial buildings.

In the period between 1901-1906 he initially worked for the architect Otto Frings in Dusseldorf. In 1916, during World War I, he collaborated with the Hamburg architect Theodor Speckbötel. Together with August Schoch they founded their own office in 1920 and in 1927 joined their third partner Erich zu Putlitz.

After the war Klophaus was in the course of denazification initially classified as "minor crimes" and was not allowed to work as an architect temporarily. In the following years he was mainly engaged in new and reconstruction of housing, but also realized several theaters, banking and commercial buildings. His most striking work of those years are the City-Hof -Hochhäuser on Klosterwall which he built in 1952 in place of the demolished house Hochbahn.


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