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Pritzker Prize

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May 9th 1937, Tudela, Navarra, Spain

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Rafael Moneo
Cinca 5
28002 Madrid, Spain


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June 01st, 2021

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Change thisMadrid, Spain
born 1937, Tudela, Navarra
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José Rafael Moneo Vallés (born May 9th, 1937) is a Spanish architect. He was born in Tudela, Spain, and won the Pritzker Prize for architecture in 1996.

He studied at the ETSAM, Technical University of Madrid (UPM) from which he received his architectural degree in 1961. From 1958 to 1961 he worked in Madrid in the office of the architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza. Having always mixed his love of design with scholarly research and teaching, there is something measured and mathematical about the works of Rafael Moneo.

His buildings often feature clean, straight lines which run in grid-like or parallel formations, as though his academic mind filters into his creative one to produce buildings with a powerful graphic basis. Moneo's time in Denmark between 1961 and 1962 seems to have made an impact on his future style. By fusing the contemporary trends of the 70's and 80's with traditional Nordic style and materials, Rafael Moneo has created his own unique design concepts.


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