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The Southernmost Scandinavian Architects


April 2008, Liberec, Czech Republic

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Mjölk architekti
Soukenné náměstí 23/10
46001 Liberec, Czech Republic

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"We are the astronauts of architecture, aviators of courage, gardeners of passion and fighters against scruffiness. Join us!"
Mjölk architekti

Mjölk architekti Change this

Change thisLiberec, Czech Republic
est. 2008, Liberec
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Exactly seven days after we finished studies at Liberec, Faculty of Arts and architecture, we have established architectural studio The Mjölk architects with a little help of Czech-Swedish dictionary. After several years this crazy boyish dream has become a well-known architectural company. Our architectural style characterizes the conceptual simplicity, truthfulness and youthful playfulness. We cooperate not only with private investors, but also with some municipalities. We are interested in what is happening around us. We organize the film festival Kino Liberec and a series of cross-country races called Divočina. Except colorful portfolio of projects we spread our activities by teaching in Liberec, and the participating in the Czech and international workshops and lectures.


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