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October 22nd 1956, Yokohama, Japan

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Jun Aoki & Architects
Harajuku New Royal Bldg. #701 3-38-11, Shibuya-ku
150-0001 Tokyo, Japan

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Arata Isozaki
Shigeru Ban

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Change thisTokyo, Japan
born 1956, Yokohama
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Jun Aoki (born October 26th 1956 in Yokohama, Japan) is a Japanese architect well known for his work for his design of the stores of the luxury goods manufacturer Louis Vuitton in New York, Hongkong and New York. Having graduated from Tokyo University in 1980, Jun Aoki worked at Arata Isozaki & Associates from 1983 to 1990 where he worked, among others, with Shigeru Ban before establishing his own Tokyo-based practice in 1991.

Subsequent works have included diverse directions such as a series of houses, public architecture, and fashion boutiques. His Fukushima Lagoon Museum (1997) won the Architectural Institute of Japan Annual Award. His first monograph Jun Aoki Complete Works 1 was published in October 2004, a second monograph followed in 2006.


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