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1936, Skopje, Macedonia

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Skopje, Macedonia

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Jordan Grabul

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Change thisSkopje, Macedonia
born 1936, Skopje
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Born Iskra Spirov in 1936 in Skopje, Macedonia, she was exposed to politics and activism at a young age, as her father was famed Macedonian politician Dr. Boris Spirov, leader of the Macedonian Anti-Fascist Assembly and second president of the Macedonian Parliament. She attended the School of Fine Arts in Skopje, where she met Jordan Grabul, one of Macedonia's greater sculptors. They became tremendous artistic partners. Their most politically charged and famous public work is the massive Makedonium memorial at Kruševo, Macedonia, which was built to commemorate the Ilinden uprising and soldiers who gave their lives in the fight for Macedonian freedom. Iskra also had intense interest in the Indian philosopher and guru Sathya Sai Baba. She spent a great deal of time in India with him assisting with his humanitarian work, while also translating several of his books.


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