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Socialist Modernism, Socialist Realism

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1918, Gjakova, Kosovo

Selected Architecture

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Tirana, Albania

Ibrahim Prushi Change this

Change thisTirana, Albania
born 1918, Gjakova
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Ibrahim Prushi was born in 1918. He graduated in architecture in the Polytechnic University of Torino, Italy in 1942. After the graduation he came back in Albania and worked as an architect in the directory of GENIO until 1948. After 1948 for the first time was open the Entity of construction in the Ministry of Construction where he gave his contribution for his whole life. He took part in a lot of private and public architectonic projects. Some of his works are: the towers in Myslym Shyri, The palace in old bazar, Workers Camp in Korce, the riconstruction of the actual Presidenca Building from its first function of Sovietic Ambassy, etc.


Posted by Ihsan Prushi | Sunday, April 29th, 2018 | 12:37pm
Nje korrigjim:
Ka kryer akademine ushtarake te Torinos ne specialitetin e xhenios ne vitin 1942

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