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Postmodernism, New Urbanism

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September 18th 1946, Bad Lobenstein, Germany

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Prof. Hans Kollhoff Architekten
Reinhardtstr. 33
10117 Berlin, Germany

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Egon Eiermann
Oswald Mathias Ungers

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June 09th, 2016

Hans Kollhoff Change this

Change thisBerlin, Germany
born 1946, Bad Lobenstein
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Hans Kollhoff is a German architect and professor. He studied architecture from 1968 to 1973 at the University of Karlsruhe with Egon Eiermann. In 1974 he spent a year abroad at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria. Thereafter, he held a scholarship at Cornell University, New York, where he was the assistant of Oswald Mathias Ungers. Later, until 1983, he was an assistant at the Technical University of Berlin. In 1978 he founded his own practice, which he has run in partnership with Helga Timmermann since 1984.

Since 1990 he has been Professor of Architecture and Construction at the ETH Zürich. He has also had several guest-professorships and lecture tours, both at home and abroad. His projects as architect, in Germany and the rest of Europe, have been primarily within office-, business- and residential construction.

Hans Kollhoff's architecture is characterised by a classical building-style and the use of solid, traditional materials, such as stone and brick, worked according to traditional methods. During his career, Kollhoff has developed in the direction of a more and more traditional form, often using classical motifs.

Kollhoff's work, with its attention to detail also within the interior space, may be read as a continuation of the work of early twentieth century architects, see Adolf Loos.

In Berlin, he has designed in Potsdamer Platz a tower in an old-New York brick style. He also did the master planning of high-rise buildings on the Alexanderplatz. In Frankfurt am Main he has erected the 88 meter tall residential building Main Plaza in the Deutschherrnviertel.

Since 2004 Kollhoff leads the "Bauakademie" project, whose goal is to reconstruct the Karl Friedrich Schinkel building, Berlin 1836, which was demolished in 1962.



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