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July 29th 1930, Kragujevac, Srbija

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Skopje, Macedonia

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I. M. Pei

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  • 1969 - 11 Oktomvri National award for the Archive of Skopje
  • 1969 - Borba plaquette for the Archive of Skopje
  • 1972 - Borba plaquette for the Students' Dormitory "Goce Delcev", Skopje
  • 1981 - Borba plaquette for the Memorial House of Razlovci Uprising in village Razlovci
  • 1981 - Grand Award of BIMAS for the Memorial House of Razlovci Uprising in village Razlovci
  • 1988 - Medal of labour with gold wreath
  • 1995 - Grand Reward of BIMAS for the Palace "Unija", Skopje
  • 1999 - Award Andrea Damjanov for lifework
  • 2005 - Grand Award for architecture for the Memorial Museum "ASNOM"

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Georgi Konstantinovski Change this

Change thisSkopje, Macedonia
born 1930, Kragujevac
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Georgi Konstantinovski (born July 29, 1930 in Kraguevac, Serbia) is Macedonian architect, writer and educator. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje, University SS Cyril and Methodius in 1956, he received his Master of Architecture Degree from Yale University in 1965, under the leadership of Paul Rudolph and Serge Chermayeff in New Haven, USA. His early works are considered as Brutalist. He worked and collaborated with I. M. Pei, Henry Cobb and Araldo Cossutta.

He developed a wide range of design features in his search for individuality appropriate to the philosophy, structure and art of each building and designed more than 450 architectural and urban projects. He was awarded with the highest Macedonian and Yugoslav architectural awards and with three Grand Prix on the Architectural Biennale in Macedonia. He also got the highest National Award for Art 11 Oktomvri for the best architectural achievement in Skopje. As an educator and writer, he also contributed greatly to contemporary Macedonian architecture. He was a President of the Council for Urban Planning of the city of Skopje, and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture in the same town. He is a member of the Architectural Academy of Macedonia.

With the completed architectures of Student's Dormitories, the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology Building in Skopje, the Memorial Center ASNOM in Pelince, Cultural Center in Razlovci, Konstantinovski is an important contributor to contemporary Macedonian architecture.
At present, he is retired professor form the Design Department of the Architectural Faculty in Skopje.



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