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Refurbishment, Collaboration, Sustainable Housing, Social Architecture, Workshop


2015, Porto, Portugal

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Critical Concrete
R. Direita de Francos 1024 Porto
4250-192 Porto, Portugal


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May 10th, 2019

Critical Concrete Change this

Change thisPorto, Portugal
est. 2015, Porto

Samuel Kalika on the right

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Critical Concrete is a project space that mixes a socio-cultural space and architectural experimentation in Porto. The concept is based on the synergy between popular formats and critical minds at the cutting-edge of artistic production and urban research.

Our ambition is to provide an alternative way of teaching, learning and creating architecture, art and design. For that, we will run workshops and summer school programs combining both theoretical and practical activities, fostering sustainability in all its levels. All of these actions will happen in close collaboration with the community.

In parallel, Critical Concrete hosts open cultural events such as summer screenings, football projections and markets, twisted with the social sciences, artistic actions and architectural experimentation. We will also have an open source laboratory for the construction of furniture for both private and urban spaces.


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