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Nazi Architecture

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May 31st 1886, Cologne, Germany

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Cologne, Germany

Clemens Klotz Change this

Change thisCologne, Germany
born 1886, Cologne
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Clemens Klotz (31 May 1886 – 1969) was one of Adolf Hitler's architects. Despite being a former member of the banned Deutsche Werkbund, Klotz joined the NSDAP and was appointed a professor by Hitler. After beginning his career focusing on residential designs in the Cologne area, Klotz received a series of prestigious commissions from the National Socialist (Nazi) Party's German Labor Front (DAF). Some of the most memorable of these commissions included the elite Nazi Party educational complexes at Ordensburg Krössinsee, Ordensburg Vogelsang and Chiemsee; Prora, the massive Nazi Kraft durch Freude seaside spa on the island of Rügen; a new domed train station for Munich; and plans for the complete design of Cologne.


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