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1995, Damme, Belgium

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Stationsstraat 198
8340 Damm, Belgium

Claerhout-Van Biervliet studio Change this

Change thisDamm, Belgium
est. 1995, Damme
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The architecture office Claerhout-Van Biervliet was established in 1995 from the architect Xaveer Claerhout (architect) and Barbara van Biervliet (engineer-architect).

Meanwhile they both run Kinetura, a design team, established 2006 and which is interested in the philosophy of kinetic architecture. Their current focus is relation of light, time and space.

“The Kinetura concept is adding a new dynamic dimension to common static design and architecture. By making use of the flexible characteristics of specific materials combined with motion-based technologies, objects transform in a silent and nearly imperceptible way into a contrasting shape with a completely different functionality and expression. As if a extra dimension were involved…”

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