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Contemporary Architecture

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2013, Roston on Don, Russia

Selected Architecture

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Varfolomeeva st. 228
Roston-on-Don, Russia


Chado Change this

Change thisRoston-on-Don, Russia
born 2013, Roston on Don
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Architectural studio Chado practice complex approach to the project realization. The non-typical decision of standard tasks guarantees exclusivity of the project. Nowadays Chado realizes projects worldwide, in this moment the projects in Montenegro, Russia, Italy and Latvia. The team: Evgeny Zadorozhniy and Oleg Pigulevsky, head of the studio, Carolina Sholokhov, chief architect, Denis Daragan, Marina Mosiyachenko, Liya Mamina, Anastasia Kostandi, Ekaterina Ivashchenko, Yana Chekunova.


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