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Melbourne, Australia

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Breathe Architecture
9 Florence Street
3056 Melbourne, Australia

Breathe Architecture Change this

Change thisMelbourne, Australia
est. Melbourne

Jeremy McLeod, director

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Breathe Architecture is a relatively small practice set up in Melbourne, Australia by Jeremy McLeod. The studio has built a reputation for designing and executing sustainable architecture projects.

Their design projects use a range of environmentally sustainable design methods such as double-glazing, passive solar, cross ventilation and photo-voltaic solar systems - methods that are often common practice in other countries around the world.

Ethical Investing and Development

One of the most well-known and awarded projects for the practice is The Commons. Throughout the project they faced issues after the Global Financial Crisis in 2009 and lost the necessary investment to keep the project running.

Finding the necessary investment from ethical developers proved to be the challenge, but they were able to align themselves with investors, Small Giants who were the first B-Certified corporation in Australia.


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