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Chancellor and Patrick

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David Chancellor and William Rex Patrick

A Melbourne based architecture firm, formed in 1953, consisting of David Chancellor (born 7 September 1926) and William Rex Patrick (born 28 October 1927). The firm is known for several notable tertiary and institutional buildings within Melbourne as well as private residential projects.

Personal life

William Rex Patrick ventured into architecture at a young age, working as an architect's assistant at Parnell and Pierce. He left the firm and returned to college in 1943, and graduated with a diploma in architecture from Melbourne Technical College in 1949.

David Chancellor graduated in 1944 as a civil engineer, after which he worked as an engineering draftsman. Chancellor later graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1951.

The two met at the firm Yuncken Freeman Brothers, where they formed a close working relationship, joining several competitions together. They later established their architectural firm in 1953. Chancellor and Patrick's have played a significant role in Australian history because of their contribution to both tertiary and institutional buildings. This includes the halls of residence at both Monash University and La Trobe University, and institutional buildings like the St James Presbyterian Church in Wattle Park (1964) and St John in East Cheltenham (1962), as well as residential projects like the McCraith House (1954).

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