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Graphic Design

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1959, Belgarde, Serbia

Selected Architecture

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Belgrade, Serbia

Branko Pavić Change this

Change thisBelgrade, Serbia
born 1959, Belgarde
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Branko Pavić is a graphic artist and professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He is experimenting different forms of visual art with new forms and methods of teaching in the field of arts (Workshop 301, Faculty of Architecture, Narratives of the Unseen, British Council, Belgrade / Glasgow, City Hybrid, British Council, Belgrade / Athens / Istanbul / Glasgow). He was a recipient of Fulbright and Art's link scholarships for the specialization in the Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, USA), Kala Art Institute (Berkeley, USA) Grafiken Hus (Mariefred, Sweden) and Nagasawa Art Park (Awaji, Japan). He has worked on projects in the field of theater, architecture and fine arts.



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