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Concrete, Brutalism

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December 6th 1928, Moscow, Russia

Selected Architecture

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  • 1972 - Lenin Komsomol Award for the development of the memorial complex Museum in Velikiye Luki
  • 2005 - People's Architect of the Russian Federation

Alexander Belokon Change this

Change thisRussia
born 1928, Moscow

Alexander Belokon

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Alexander Belokon graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. He designed residential and public buildings in Baku, Brest, Minsk, Tolyatti, Ufa, Kishinev, Yalta, Zelenograd, Alexander Matrosov museum in Velikiye Luki, high-rise building project in Togliatti city hall, master plan "Lermontov" a resort project with the international youth complex, experimental residential area in the south-west of Moscow with flexible system of prefabricated construction.



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