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June 17th 1881, Mechernich, Germany

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Berlin, Germany

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Peter Behrens
Walter Gropius

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Change thisBerlin, Germany
born 1881, Mechernich

Adolf Meyer

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Adolf Meyer (Mechernich, 17 June 1881 - Baltrum, 14 July 1929) was a German architect. A student and employee of Peter Behrens, Meyer became the office manager of Walter Gropius practice around 1915 and a full partner afterwards. In 1919, Gropius appointed Meyer as a master at the Bauhaus, where he taught work drawing and construction technique. In 1925 he worked as an indepedendent architect in Weimar. From 1926 he was employed as a city council building officer und tutor at the Städelschule in Frankfurt/ Main. Adolf Mayer drowned 1929 in the North Sea at Baltrum.


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