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Uganda National Theatre

Kampala, Uganda
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The National Theatre in Uganda is the main component of the Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC). Designed by Peatfield and Bodgener Architects, it was the first modern theatre in Uganda. The 400-seat theatre was designed to cater for the needs of the small expatriate community resident in Kampala at the time and was opened on the 2nd of December 1959, this after an act of parliament had established the Uganda National Cultural Centre in 1959.

Concrete Rings Facade

The main facade is an elegantly curved lattice of prefabricated concrete rings. In keeping with the principles of tropical modernism, the building is naturally ventilated. The building's exterior is clad in concrete rings. These rings help to keep out the harsh sun and the heat but these still allow a breeze to flow through the building. This helps to keep the building and its performers cool during the shows and allow diffuse light into the building.

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bostjan, January 11th, 2019
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