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Temuco, Chile
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The main heating and cooking system in Temuco is the wood stove, and the backyard of the houses, where firewood is cut and kept. This conditioned the densification strategy (necessary to compensate the high costs of urbanization), making necessary the existence of individual patios for each dwelling and ruling out the possibility of superposing the units. So we used a narrow width house (4.5 meters) and vertical expansion.

The house is defined by two structural 3 floors high partition walls supporting a continuous and waterproof envelope, including the greatest volume possible. This ensures that all expansion are done "inward", protected from the elements (rainfall of 1.500 mm/year). The urban design organizes the houses around community courtyards for 14 families. This small territorial unit ensures the management and control of public space, allows the future closing by each community and generates playground areas and parking.

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thedani, April 6th, 2017
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