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Vienna, Austria
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The classic-looking villa is complemented by modern, contemporary elements. Being rather sealed off and closed towards the street the building opens up towards the garden. Connections between the different levels and inner courtyards result in more openness and permeability.

The entertainment level is located on the ground floor and contains the spacious garage area offering space for four cars. The garage is connected to the living room via a central staircase and a spacious gallery. The open design enables a visual relationship between the garage and the living room on the upper floor.

The connection to the garden does not happen exclusively over the living area, but also over the entertainment level, for example over the party room. The garden can also be reached via the garage.

All the floors merge seamlessly into each other and are connected by the open staircase as a central element. The open structure of the villa is at some places interrupted by green inner courtyards, which also provides the interior spaces natural light and at the same time offer intimate retreats and a small private oasis within the building.

The pool area of the garden is lowered and creates an intimate terrace area to which all rooms are orientated.

The villa is immersed in the surrounding landscape and thanks to the green spaces and the openness between the house and the garden, the nature in an integral part of the building. The close relationship between the natural environment and the modern house once again shows the successful compatibility of these two elements.

In addition to the garage, the entertainment level also contains a cinema and a wellness area. The guest rooms and the households are also accommodated here.

A little bit higher - on the garden level - is the spacious living area with direct access to the pool and garden. The elegantly curved glass front of the living area forms and unobtrusive transition to the spacious outdoor terrace, which is partially covered. An integrated outdoor kitchen creates the perfect ambiance for barbecue or cocktail evenings.

The children's rooms are located on an intermediate level, with direct access to the terrace and the garden. Here also the studio is positioned, connected to the open gallery.

Through the staircase, one reaches a higher level which accommodates the two master bedrooms, which each have their own separate bathroom, toilet, and walk-in closets. Besides that, there is a direct access to the large roof terrace, which not only offers a jacuzzi but also a great view over the vineyards of Vienna.

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sohnepartner, October 24th, 2017
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