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Riedhof West Estate

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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The Heimatsiedlung emerged as the Northwestern part of the Riedhof settlement in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, designed by Ernst May, Herbert Boehm and Fritz Berke. It was initially called Riedhof West, as an Eastern portion of the development was planned but remained mostly unrealized. It was built between 1927 and 1934 in several construction phases. The housing project covers the entire area between the rail lines in the historic Riedhof, a site of approximately 130.000 square meters. The site was originally owned by the banking family von Bathmann and sold to the federal trade union Gewerkschaftsbund der Angestellten (GDA), which intended to set up a model settlement for its members. 850 residential units were originally planned, around 250 of them in single-family houses. The 1929 depression led to a rescheduling of the development, changing the original schedule breakdown of apartments and single-family houses units. Since 1989 the housing development has been listed under monument protection.


The housing block was badly damaged in World War II, with over 800 apartments being rebuilt, along with part of the railway. Today there are 1072 rental apartments and 26 single family homes.

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