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NAG Factory Building

Berlin-Oberschoneweide, Germany
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Spiral staircase to the top of the tower

Built in the years from 1914 to 1917 as a major production facility for the car manufacturer NAG (National Automobile Company) and designed by Peter Behrens, in consultation with Emil Rathenau, the NAG building is a landmark of modern industrial architecture. Emil Rathenau was the founder of AEG, NAG's parent company and one of Germany's most important industrial conglomerates at the time. For several years, the architect Peter Behrens worked as cultural advisor for Emil Rathenau. Behrens built several AEG factories. He also designed AEG's company's logo.

The administrative building with its glass-roofed inner court yard which spans several storeys and the adjacent 70m high tower which was used as water container are a testament to the confidence of the industrial elite at the beginning of the twentieth century.

NAG used the facilities until the 1930s, but due to the difficult economic climate, the automotive production was eventually stopped and the building was used by Telefunken, an electronics manufacturer and another subsidiary of AEG. for the production of television prototypes. During the GDR, the production of TV components continued. After the German reunification, the facilities were acquired by the Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung who finally stopped production in 2005, laid off the whole workforce and eventually sold the building.

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archibald, June 14th, 2011
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