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Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje

North Macedonia
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The Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) is one of the symbols of international solidarity towards Skopje after the earthquake of 1963, both because of the origin of its art collection, as well as the building itself. Donated by the Polish Government, MoCA was designed in 1966 by the Polish architectural group - “Tigers”, winning an architectural competition among more than 80 entries. Financed by the Fund for Assistance of the Reconstruction of Skopje, the construction started in April 1969 and the building was completed in November 1970.

Built on an important and equally symbolic location, next to the medieval fortress on the Kale hill, the building overlooks the modern city and is present in its panorama, resembling a “temple of art”. The spatial structure is characterized by simple, harmonized and logically connected spaces, which are large, open and flexible, extending in an outdoor sculpture park. Taking in consideration the various ways in which contemporary art communicates the visitor, the space was given the opportunity to adapt to various curatorial requirements.

A special theme in the building is the light, permeating through the overhead lights and the central atrium. Together with the refined white façade surfaces, the marble finish, and extensive glazing, the museum building achieves a remarkable continuity with the aesthetics of Skopje’s pre-war modernism.

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vldmr, May 30th, 2023
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