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Municipal Funeral Hall in Kakamigahara

Kakamigahara, Japan
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Undulating roof

"The roof of the "Meiso no mori" (forest of meditation) crematorium seems to float above the ground with a quality of lightness not necessarily associated with reinforced concrete. Built in the park-like cemetery at Kakamigahara, a town of 150,000 inhabitants in the prefecture of Gifu, the building nestles between wooded hills on the south and a small artificial lake on the north side.

As the old crematorium on this site was to be demolished, Toyo Ito was free to realise his idea of a funeral hall not constrained by religious content. The architect wanted to create a place for quiet reflection, a space whose organic language of forms would suggest a closeness to nature. The 20 cm thin roof, made up of concave and convex forms, flows into twelve tapered columns; its weight is also borne on the two-storey core."

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gemazzz, August 1st, 2013
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