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Ludwig Erhard Haus

Berlin, Germany
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It is a competition-winning design for the German Chamber of Commerce and the local Federation of Industrialists, giving Ludwig Erhard's house both civic identity and a self-financing commercial development.

The steel-clad building is made of fifteen steel arches of progressively differing spans that create a ribcage that undulates in height. The unusual shape responds to exacting building restrictions while maximizing use of the site.

Inside, vast, open-plan floor plates are supported by the ribcage and a series of slender, fire-resistant steel hangars, with an expansive boulevard at ground level creating a central public thoroughfare.

Its facilities are arranged along the. From the ground floor, aluminum clad lifts soar upwards, transporting staff to the offices above.Pierced by full-height atrium, all the offices have spectacular views across Berlin.Below ground is the most impressive stock exchange floor, also illuminated by the atria.

Realized on a tightly controlled budget, and achieving low energy consumption, running costs and pollutant emissions, this multi-purpose project has become a popular city landmark that has come to represent Berlin's growing prosperity and optimistic spirit.

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thedani, June 16th, 2017
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