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Josip Broz Tito Monument in Kumrovec

Kumrovec, Croatia
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The statue,,Marsal Tito", which was made of bronze in 1948 by the sculptor Antun Augustincic , was erected in various places all over Yugoslavia. It is free from the context because it fundamentally depicts a paradoxical situation- where a cult disappears, and the monument is erected in the honour of a man with the skin susceptible to be harmed.

Miroslav Krleza:

"...Tito, caped with amilitary raincoat, in an almost melancholic silhouette, was not modelled victorious; there had been the state of war for three years then, under the risky circumstances,in dangerous uncertainty which was caused every day by guerrilla life; besides, even this portrait was created in the immediate vicinity of the German army, when the German-controlled divisions were only a few kilometers away. This Augustincic's Tito, in a partisan overcoat, who raised a flag of resistance at a historical moment when all the politicians of our country surrendered twisting in the wind, was not presented in the commander's positionat the helm of his brigades;it is the face of a man whose head was bent due to the serious worries, who pensively circles a narrow courtyard of Jajce Fortress, as he, wearing prison cloth, had been circling the gaol courtyards for many years."

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annijo, November 23rd, 2018
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