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House with Eaves and an Attic

Tokyo, Japan
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This is a house located in Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo. The characteristic of this area is the hilly landscape. The site is located on the top of the hill and half of the site is a cliff. There were many trees remained untouched on the cliff.

The clients request was to remain the trees to take over the memory of the site and to take into consider the sites from the mid rise building closely packed at the base of the cliff.

So the design solution was to set the house on the flat part of the site which is approximately 4.5m×16m foot print. By building a big roof with almost the same inclination of the site we tried to control the sight. The space under the eaves protects the house from sights and lead ones eyes to the cliff. Small trees are taken into the interior by the eave and tall trees go through the halls of the roof.

The inclining roof creates an attic like space on the second floor. The window on the roof shuts out sights from outside but gives a view of the trees. In the middle floor we did not create any windows and made it into a large storage space. The roof, which is like an extent of the cliff, gives uniqueness to the house.

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vanessafralves, June 19th, 2013
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