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House NN

Niederpocking, Germany
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A tonal unity is formed between the black brown facade and the black of the boxwood trees, the dark brown earth and the shadows cast by the neighbouring forest. In this way the house NN is integrated in the garden. The building is located on the northeast corner of the property, embracing the garden. The relationship between the interior spaces and the surrounding environment has determined the shape of the building. A terrace, that faces the garden, is connected to the building by a freestanding wall that is attached to the cantilevered roof. Consequently this construction creates a loggia on the first floor. On the other side of the building the roof again has been cantilevered to form a canopy over the main entrance.

The facades of the building are heterogeneous - optimized according to their orientation. Towards the north and east the well-insulated walls are plastered, towards the south and west the facade is made of wood. The vertical studding of the wooden facades is extended upwards to form the railing of the first floor loggia.

The ground floor is designed as a living area with smooth transitions between the different functions it contains, e.g. entrance hall, kitchen/dining and a recessed living area. Towards the garden it has full-length windows that can be opened to 180 degrees, thus creating an open loggia in summer. A circular skylight floods the free-form staircase with daylight, which connects the hall to the first floor. The building meets the KfW 70 criteria for energy efficiency and is heated by a combination of a heat pump and a wood stove.

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