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Haus Tauchmann

Dusseldorf, Germany
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Top floor extension in larch wood

This detached two-storey house in the suburb of Derendorf in Dusseldorf was erected in 2003 for and by the architects Oliver Buddenberg and Inge Tauchmann. The house is situated in a courtyard and can only accessed via the street-facing building. The floor plan is based on a one-room concept. The house is surrounded by a garden on all sides. In 2009, after 7 years the new demands of a growing family, showed the limits of the social experiment "living in one room".

Original ConceptAlthough the floor plan concept did not envision dividing walls, there is a divisin into different residential areas. There are "social" spaces such as the entrance/reception, the cooking, dining and living area on the ground floor and a private bedroom, bathroom and refuge areas on the the upper floor. Both floors are also connected through a large opening in the ceiling above the dining table. Sliding doors as a "functional lock" create a separation along the length side of the house.

ExtensionChanging building regulations made the construction of an additional floor at penthouse level possible. The entrance and the garden were unstructured to date lack other points. Several cubes of different shape were docked to the existing gray "shoe box". On the roof level the cubes contain two rooms for the children, a bathroom, and a small cube which serves as a covered entrance for the waste separation system. The garden which had been excluded from previous design efforts is a continuation of the cube idea. It is composed of of small which serve as seatings and flower pots. The original idea of a single room was in so far respected as the rooms for the children contain a large glass surface to a common rooftop terrace. All cubes are timber frame constructions of larch wood with a common choice of materials and colors. The color scheme of the original building - anthracite surfaces and windows/shutters in larch varnished in orange- is reversed in the extension.

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bostjan, June 7th, 2011
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