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Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

Skopje, North Macedonia
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The headquarters of the Communist Party of Socialist Republic of Macedonia was one of the first public buildings built in Skopje after the earthquake of 1963. It was designed by the prominent Macedonian architect Petar Mulichkovski in 1966, whose entry won the public competition. During 1967 Mulichkovski developed the design, and it was constructed from 1968-1970. After the completion, it was awarded with several important architectural awards, among which the “Borba” award (NIP Borba plaque) for the best achievement in Macedonian architecture for 1971.

The spatial structure of the building is a cluster of six independent cubes, connected by a vestibule and foyer on the ground and first floors. The repetition of the volumes, same in size and footprint but with various heights creates a dynamic spatial composition.

Each of the buildings is a separate functional unit housing two halls (100 and 200 visitors), the administration working space, the newspaper editorial office, the technical services etc. All the services are located in the reinforced concrete structural core, leaving the rest of the cantilevered space free of structural elements and fixed partitions, richly lit by the vast glazed surfaces. With the knowledge and experiences acquired during his research stay in the United States, Mulichkovski introduced novelty in terms of structural design, challenging the conventional structural system based on columns and beams.

Regardless of its undoubted architectural qualities and its importance for the history of Macedonian Modern Architecture, this building was one of the many whose appearance has been changed beyond recognition with the controversial project “Skopje 2014”.

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vldmr, May 30th, 2023
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