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Galfa Tower

Milan, Italy
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The Galfa Tower is a skyscraper in Milan by Melchiorre Bega. The skyscraper is due to architecture as International Style and an integral part of the planned "Management Centre" of the Italian financial capital, designed in the fifties and never fully realized.

The building has a rectangular shape, with a base formed by ground floor and first floor of the wider body formed by 27 habitable floors. The top 2 floors, slightly behind the facade, are localized part of the technological systems. The underground floors house the remaining facilities and parking lots.

It has the structure in reinforced concrete , almost completely hidden by the curtain wall of aluminum and glass, except two vertical stripes on the sides and wider Central, on the back side. The glass has a special offset effect that characterizes the building. Inside there are seven lifts and two staircases, positioned in the middle/ back of the body of the building. The building, located at the intersection of Via Galvani and Via Fara (name Gal + Fa = Galfa), has a height of 109 meters and 31 floors, to which must be added two underground floors. The flat roof has hosted for 30 years the antennas of Radio Range, constituting one of the most attractive points of transmission for the city of Milan.

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bostjan, May 17th, 2017
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