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Futurama II

New York, United States of America
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An envisioned global weather station, far below the Antarctic ice.

The 1964 New York World's Fair was held in New York from 22 April to 18 October, 1964, and then again from 25 April, 1965 to 17 October, 1965, twenty-five years after renowned New York 'Building the World of Tomorrow' fair. This time the theme was 'peace through understanding'. The fair attracted over 25 million people during the first 6 months of opening.

Once again, General Motors repeated their success with 'Futurama II' exhibit, an enormous scale model pavilion with superfuturistic facades. With the technical support of Walt Disney's imagineers 'Futurama II' offered its visitors an idealized look into how our life would look like in 2024. They created a scenario with a young boy riding in a moving chair and exploring a lunar base, Antarctic weather forecasting centre, undersea life, supermodern architecture, design and predicted the lifestyle of our near future. Who were the creators of the incredible shells of the Antarctic weather station? Who designed the underwater vacation resort? Who was the architect of the scale model of the city of the future, where new and old architecture and super automated roadways live side-by-side?

As usual, Futurama II was demolished and the debris removed after the end of the show, as if it had never existed. Rather interestingly, there is no public information about the architects of the gigantic pavilion. No plans, data on construction, materials used for the aerodynamic form of the entrance facade can be found. Anonymous architects of the Futurama II and the creators of its show imagined a more futuristic scenario than the future in 2024 will ever be. Looking for Futurama II architects

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bostjan, September 6th, 2019
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