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Expo 67 Soviet Pavilion

Moscow, Russia
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The first construction in the northern part of the USSR EPEA architectural ensemble, which was intended by designers for major buildings, appeared in 1967. This construction is still called a "Montreal" one because it was carried from Expo 67 World Exhibition in Montreal.

The Soviet pavilion at Expo 67 was created by architects M. Posokhin, A. Mndoyants, B. Tkhor, engineer A. Kondratiev, and chief artist R. Kliks.

The "Montreal" construction is distinguished with unusual architectural solution and bold engineering and construction thought. The pavilion looks majestic and at the same time light. This impression is produced by its elongated roof, by a large peak bent upwards over the facade, and by slight decline of the entire front glass wall of the facade.

The enormous aluminum-covered roofing, with an area of approx. 1 ha, is underpinned by two steel pillars. It is on it that transparent glass-sheet walls "hang".

This building is now an exhibition facility of the Moscow Center for Scientific and Technical Advances Implementation (Moskva), a state-owned enterprise.

The building is in bad condition.

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