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Colorado Guest House

Denver, United States of America
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Colorado Guest House

When the owners of his beautiful home wanted a guest house that would really stand out they turned to the experienced and talented designers at Character Builders Colorado. Blending modern design and natural elements turned this guest house into an elegant modern home that is the perfect mix of function and beauty.

The most striking feature of this home is the Delta Millworks' Shou Sugi Ban Kebony cladding. The rich black cladding really stands out in the natural setting but doesn't interrupt the harmony or tranquility of the surrounding area. Because the cladding is fortified natural wood it has the unmistakable beauty that only natural wood has. But the fortification process that Kebony goes through means that this cladding will be able to stand up to even the harshest Colorado winter and still look beautiful.

It was a bold choice to use dark cladding on this guest house but the modern design of the home called for something bold in order to make it really stand out. And as the wood weathers the dark cladding will develop a natural silvery patina that will enhance the appearance of the home even more. Great design and modern sustainable natural products like Kebony make it possible to turn any home into a work of sustainable art.

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lge77, May 4th, 2018
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