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Cliff House

New York State, United States of America
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The client's spectacular private property with its ultra-modern and unusual house is located in the State of New York, two hours north of New York city and close to the Hudson River. On the eastern side of the property, there was a steep rock face with a few trees. A spot with a magnificent maple afforded an excellent view of both the house and, further away, of the Hudson. The unique qualities of this location could hardly be beaten.

In line with the client's wishes, the treehouse cabin had to offer enough space for the parents and their two children. The size made it necessary to support the closed construction independently from the tree, against the cliff. The loads are distributed across two short steel supports in the upper area and two v-shaped beams beneath the front part of the cabin. Rough-sawn larch planks with a coat of silver paint were used for the treehouse's external boarding. This means that, depending on the light, the surface has a metallic effect, displaying a range of different colours.

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  1. Baumraum
gemazzz, June 12th, 2013
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