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Bremerhaven Pedestrian Bridge

Bremerhaven, Germany
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The bridge is centrally located between Columbuscenter/ Hafenpassage and Klimahaus/ Mediterraneum, in Bremen. Being commercially orientated, they attract the public. This crossing of the old port is protected against the weather and is the only connection of this kind between the city center and the new port area. All the other bridges are open and unprotected. The glazed bridge is a pulsating arterial road for the pedestrians between the Columbuscenter and the Klimahalle/ Mediterraneum. This perfectly expresses the transition from the high density of the city to the open landform on the Weser.


The bridge is enclosed with glazed roofing, while the bus parking spaces are connected to the vertical accesses thereby protecting the pedestrians from the weather. The rotating function of an entirely glazed channel provides flexibility to the bridge.

This load-bearing steel construction is held by a few girders integrated into the fixed part of the bridge. The few stilts stress out the appearance of a 'light bridging'. The visible rotating axle can be recognized even when closed at the expanded elements of the bridge channel. The profile is derived from a cut ellipse and creates an intense perspective.

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aleeshacallahan, June 13th, 2013
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