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Aranya Community Housing

Indora, India
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Aranya Community housing is a project designed by Balkrishna Doshi and the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation for the Indore Development Authority. The master plan was developed in 1983 and the project reached in 1989 a high developed phase.

Aranya township is situated next to the Delhi-Bombay highway, 6km from the city centre of Indore, India. The plan site measures approximately 1 km by 1 km. We talk about 6500 dwellings and 60,000 inhabitants.

Topography determines the orientation of the major infrastructure network and the overall spatial organisation. The dwellings are organised in six sectors are is designed around a central spine comprising the business district. The plan is diagonally bisected by linear parks.

The idea was that the public sector could provide road networks, water supply, electricity, septic tanks, etc, and the upgrading houses could be done by the people themselves.

The objective was also to accommodate and integrates a variety of income groups in order to that, payment schemes, and a series of site and service options, reflect the financial resources of this mixed community. Eighty demonstration houses, display a wide variety of possibilities, The examples range from one room shelters to relatively spacious houses, but always giving the opportunity to individual personalisation in order to guarantee the individual identity of every owner,

In conclusion we are are talking about a project that implicates a strong cooperation between the architect, the public services and the inhabitants.

'Aranya', was awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1995.

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daniele, August 19th, 2020
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