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A Waste Paper Cup Pavilion

Tekirdag, Turkey
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From the interior

"Paper brick" is a waste paper cup pavilion that aims to orientate and raise public attention, regarding awareness on waste recycling and reuse in a small waterfront city in the Marmara Region, Tekirdag. The pavilion was created for the World Environment Day 2015 in Tuglali Park, one of the most crowded public spaces in the city.

The pavilion was constructed from waste tea and coffee cups collected from university canteens and a shopping mall for a period of three months. About 15,775 cups, collected as bricks for the pavilion, were washed and dried. The cups were held together with a total of 4 kg. staple and sewn with string for structural durability.

The pavilion was constructed by architecture students in the faculty building and moved to exhibition area. The shape of the pavilion was designed, however due to on-site weather conditions, it was hung between the trees and supported with columns. Each column consisted of approximately 300-400 cups. It stayed on the site for only four hours to get public attention and arise public discussion.

The pavilion aims to establish a research platform on production and consumption practices with a slogan "Bir zimba da sen bas" (Put a staple on). Currently demounted into pieces, the pavilion is waiting to transform into a new space for interaction with children.

Paper brick, Tekirdag, TurkeyProgram: temporary pavilionProject coordination: Esen Gokce Ozdamar, Oksan Tandogan and Elif Ulu, in collaboration with Department of Landscape Architecture and Department of Painting

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bostjan, July 4th, 2016
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