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Tony Fretton

London, United Kingdom
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Tony Fretton (17th January, 1945) is a British architect known for his residential and public gallery buildings, as well as other British and international design work. He graduated from the Architectural Association (AA) and worked for various practices including Arup, Neyland and Ungless, and Chapman Taylor, before setting up his own firm, Tony Fretton Architects, in 1982. His first major project was the Lisson Gallery in 1990. He is known for designing "location sensitive art spaces" using a combination of vernacular and minimalist approaches balancing new and age-old designs.

He is deeply committed to architectural education and has experience teaching worldwide, from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London to Harvard University in Cambridge. He currently serves as a Professor of Architectural Design and Interiors at TU Delft in the Netherlands. From 1999 to present, Tony Fretton has held the post of Professor within the Chair of Architecture and Interiors at TU Delft, the Netherlands.

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London, United Kingdom
mariathuroczy, April 3rd, 2014
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