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Selgas Cano

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Selgas Cano is an architecture office based in Madrid, led by Jose Selgas (Madrid, 1965) and Lucia Cano (Madrid, 1965). Jose Selgas, graduated architecture from ETSA Madrid in 1992. He worked with Francesco Venecia in Naples between 1994-95. Lucia Cano, graduated architecture from ETSA Madrid 1992. She worked with Julio Cano Lasso until 1996.

Selgas Cano is a small atelier, they have never taught at any university and they tend not to give lectures in order to avoid focusing intensely on projects. They centre their work on the construction process investigation, treating it as a continuous listening to the largest possible number of elements involved on it from manufacture to installation.

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mariathuroczy, February 25th, 2013
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