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Robin Boyd

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Robin Boyd is considered one of the most influential Australian architects alongside Harry Seidler. Boyd was one of biggest proponents of the International Style in Australia and an advocate for public awareness on the benefit of good design.

Boyd's most renowned publication is the 1960 book 'The Australian Ugliness' which disseminated and attacked the rapid and 'thoughtless' design of Australian cities. He also published 8 other books throughout his lifetime and grew public sentiment towards architecture in a weekly lifestyle column in Melbourne's The Age.


Boyd's most well-known built works include small residential homes - in this capacity his career is compared to 20th Century American architect John Lautner.

One of the most famous homes that Boyd is remembered for is his own home. Walsh Street House is a modernist-style home in South Yarra that incorporates a Japanese aesthetic. The interior uses multiple, split-level platforms to create a program of space. The roofline curves in one fluid form.

Clever, functional homes became the archetype of Boyd's work.

In 1953, Boyd set up a partnership with Roy Grounds and Frederick Romberg. The practice didn't last with Grounds leaving the group in 1962 amongst rumors of disagreement between the partners.


The Robin Boyd Foundation was set up in 2005 in partnership with other governing bodies - they purchased the iconic Walsh Street House, which is used for the Foundation's office and they host several events throughout the year including housing talks, modernist tours and drawing workshops for students.

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aleeshacallahan, November 16th, 2015
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