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Robert Thompson

While printing documents if you are getting an error message 50.4 that means your printer fuser is not working. Fuser roller of the printer is responsible for printing job because it transfers the toner to print images. When the fuser don't heat properly then users not able to print and result shown as displaying error 50.4. Well, you can get in touch with customer care executives via HP printer customer care to contact them. The experts in customer care are always available to resolve the printer's issues. So, if you ever stuck with technical glitches then reach out to experts for an assistant.Solution:-Moreover, you can follow the instructions given here to fix error 50.4 of your HP printer.

  1. Cancel all printing jobs from the queue.
  2. Now switches off the HP printer for 10 minutes.
  3. When the printer cools down then start it.
  4. Now if you again get the error message that fuser failure. Then you need to replace it.
  5. Remove the faulty fuser roller from your printer and install the new one.
  6. If you did not get fuser failure message then check the power supply.
  7. If there is low voltage then directly connect HP printer with power supply.
  8. Remove the power cable, USB ports and other wires from your printer.
  9. Wait for a while and re-connect all cables with your printer.
  10. Turn off your HP printer and leave it for 10 minutes.
  11. After that start it and check if you have fixed the error 50.4 message on your printer.

Make sure you have successfully fixed the printer problem, But if the problem is continuously same as earlier, then you can connect to experts for help. Via HP printer customer care number you can reach out to the technical experts. The executives of customer care resolve all kind of HP printer issues via remote access. The service of HP printer customer support is always offered by trained and experienced technicians. The dedicated team of experts is always ready to help you.

Resource URL: https://penzu.com/p/d1b344fcFor more Blogs: http://www.printerhealthandcare.com/how-to-fix-hp-printer-error-code-0xc19a0035/

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lacuna, August 21st, 2018
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