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Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
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reinhardt_jung is a Frankfurt based architecture practice founded by the husband and wife team Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung in 2003. Beside architectural projects they are involved in curatory work, exhibitions, publications and academic research. Their interests cover the development of spatial constructions, new modes of habitation, the integration of cultural and social aspects and the rethinking of collaborative architectural processes. They regularly collaborate in projects which interlink topics of urbanism, architecture and installation art.

Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung both graduated from the University of Fine Arts Stadelschule Frankfurt. In addition, Dagmar Reinhardt completed a doctoral degree in architecture at the University of Sydney where she held an International Research Scholarship (IPA and EIPRS). Alexander Jung was trained as a draughtsman and worked in Italy, the Netherlands and Germany for several large architecture practices. He received a postgraduate degree in Conceptual Design from Stadelschule Frankfurt (Ben van Berkel, Mark Wigley, Peter Cook). Jung was awarded the Taut-Preis, a distinction of the BDA Germany in 2002. He worked for UN Studio (van Berkel und Bos) between 1998 and 2004.

reinhardt_jung have been invited as regular and sessional lecturers at a variety of universities in Europe and Australia, including the Bartlett School of Architecture, the Stadelschule Frankfurt and the University of Sydney.

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Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
alexanderjung, September 21st, 2017
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