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Plasma Studio

London, United Kingdom
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From left to right: Holger Kehne, Ulla Hell, Eva Castro

The term plasma comes from Classic Greek and means modeling, form, fabric, imagination, fiction. In Physics, the plasma state-or fourth state of matter- describes a unique condition of matter arising at a complex overlay of external forces. Plasma, a charged field of particles, conducts energy.

Plasma Studio, international architecture and design practice, is best known for its use of form and geometry. Shifts, folds and bends create surface continuities that are never arbitrary but part of a consistent spatial and structural organisation. Space becomes expanded, new potentials arise, new experiences abound. A reduced palette of materials and colours with minimal clean detailing is used in order to let dynamic ephemeral events, such as light changes, reflections and people's movements happen and be noticed.

The partners and collaborators of Plasma Studio aim to actively engage in the perpetual transformation of space, in making the built environment better, more sustainable, more beautiful and in tune with people's lives and dreams. It is intended to contribute through formulating and constructing relevant examples, buildings that might inspire and instill a sense of purpose and belonging. All this being fostered by the academic research of its partners at prestigious international schools of architecture (Architectural Association, Hong Kong University, et al.) and its collaboration with leading consultants such as Buro Happold and Arup.

Recent completed projects range from fully bespoke radical hotel interiors to new-built residential and hospitality projects that have a fresh take of Alpine vernacular through new innovative construction techniques and spatial modulation.

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London, United Kingdom
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vanessafralves, June 20th, 2013
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